Apr. 2

1:21 PM

Lovecraft! Lovecraft! Lovecraft!

Popping in after a ridiculously long hiatus to make a couple of quick announcements before going back down into deep cover...and hey, both'em of relate to Old Uncle Howie. Will try to be better about updating this dusty site, but for now a quick entry on the fly'll have to do.

First up is my editorial debut, Letters to Lovecraft. It's an anthology of original stories written in response to HPL's essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature," and will be put out later this summer by Stone Skin Press. It's been a real blast to work on the back end of a book for a change, and I'm rather chuffed with how it all came together--it's going to have 18 stories by some of my favorite working authors. More details are here in the official press release, and I'm sure I'll make some more noise about it here when it comes out.

The other thing that needs mentioning with the quickness is the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon, which takes place next weekend. I'm going to be attending as a guest, and doing a reading at some point. Once I find out the time and room number I'll post an addendum and update the sidebar, but for now suffice to say I'll be in attendance and would love to meet all and sundry who also make it out. A friend gave me a VHS copy of Lurker in the Lobby: The Best of the HPLFF over a decade ago, so this has been a con I've wanted to hit for a long time but never before managed. Should be epic--I love Portland, and I love some Lovecraftiana, so let's do this!

Oh yeah, and since there's three Lovecraft's in the title, have this. Cheers!

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