A War in Crimson Embers Paperback Release & Giveaway

We’re only a week or so out from the paperback release of A War in Crimson Embers, and that means it’s free book time! I’m giving away five signed copies of the trilogy closer. Due to the bugnuts cost of sending packages abroad I’m restricting this contest to those with a US mailing address.

The rules for entry are simple: leave a comment below recommending something you think I would probably enjoy. What sort of something? Doesn’t matter, as long as you think I’d dig it. Recent examples of things I’ve enjoyed are the Estonian film November, eating fresh blueberries and raspberries, Lisa Hanawalt’s hilarious Hot Dog Taste Test, a bottle of Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel bourbon specially selected by Petite Cellars in Maryland, the first season of Killing Eve, the fourth season of Jane the Virgin, the new A Hawk and a Hacksaw album Forest Bathing, Marisa Silver’s novel Little Nothing, the video games Dark Souls 3 and Firewatch, and intentionally getting as lost as one can in Discovery Park and then finding my way back out again.

Based on that, give me some kind of a recommendation and you’re fast on your way to winning a copy of the new book! I’d also super appreciate it if you reviewed said book on an online book seller and/or review site, as that’s apparently Very Good For Authors, but I won’t hold you to it.

Thanks for reading, good luck, and I’ll be back on Monday, June 4th to announce the winners!


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A War in Crimson Embers Paperback Giveaway Results


  1. Zachary

    Jesse, you gotta check out that new/old Manly Wade Wellman anthology. Replica reprint of the ’73 collection on Carcosa Press with original illustrations. All killer short-fiction 1928-54. (PS – thanks for the heads-up on Essex Serpent – i dug it.)

  2. Glenn Curry

    My wife’s eclair cake. Just absolutely delicious dessert

  3. If you like Dark Souls 3, you’ll probably like Doom (2016). If you never got around to playing it, it won game of the year for 2016 and is probably the most brutal game I’ve played since God of War 3 — highly recommended!

  4. Eddie Powell

    I have to highly recommend doing as many push-ups as you can, right now. Trust me.

  5. while i recommend watching Eddie do pushups i would recomend the tv show rectify

  6. Corey

    I’m gonna suggest trying Chuck Wendig’s bonkers sandwich creation, “The Wendigo”…peanut butter, bacon, mayo, and pickles on sourdough bread. It’s oddly amazing.

  7. Susane Crawford

    Kayaking at midnight.

  8. Carey Gibbons

    Chihuli’s glass sculptures. Some of it looks like delicate flower and vine work. Some of it looks like Lovcraftian abomination. The Corning Museum of Glass had this giant tentacled monstrosity in its lobby a few years ago. It’s awesome.

  9. Dave Cory

    The inside scriptures by Aosoth. French black metal. Or a video of my cat stealing cheese. Tough call on that one.

  10. Some longsword sparring followed by a cold beer – try it its the best, that’s how we roll

  11. Timothy

    You’d probably enjoy swinging by Magus Books in the U District. Used to be a woolly old occult bookstore, back in the day.

    Plus, the fiancé works there and you could say hi!

  12. Andrew R

    I recommend the Rifftrax version of Hawk the Slayer. Classic cinematic fantasy with some good laughs at it’s expense.

  13. Susanne Maier

    I want to win this book, because my english is so terrible, and with this book I can learn a lot.

  14. Dawn

    Touring the distilleries on the Bourbon Trail here in Kentucky.

  15. Henry Eshleman

    A jaunt by air up past the Arctic Circle to beautiful Anaktuvuk Pass- killer scenery, a neat local museum…

  16. Bryan Bruner

    The Ghoul (2016) Directed by Gareth Tunley. It seems like a straightforward cop movie. It absolutely isn’t. I highly recommend going into it knowing as little as possible about it.

  17. I highly suggest Riverdale. The darker take on Archie comics seems silly and gimmicky but is ultimately rewarding with a fun mystery and playfully brooding atmosphere. The many literary homages and almost classically gothic drama are a treat. The Northanger Abbey of contemporary television!

  18. Dominique Thomas

    …. MY GUY…. Yoga. Just started last week and am in love

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