Announcing My Latest Project

For everyone who’s been wondering when my next novel is coming out, I’ve got good news: it already has! And to starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal, and high praise from the Washington Post and NPR, among others.

Last year, under the alias of Alex Marshall, I published A Crown for Cold Silver, the first volume in The Crimson Empire trilogy. It is the summation of a lifetime love affair with epic fantasy, and while it’s something of a departure from my earlier projects I suspect fans of the former will appreciate the latter and vice versa. It’s my first novel to come out in hardcover, too, as well as trade paperback, ebook, and a most excellent audio book. In addition to the English language editions from Orbit is is available or forthcoming in German, Dutch, and Russian.

An announcement like this is bound to raise some questions, some of which I address in an interview with Kameron Hurley at Orbit’s new Medium site. And if you want to ask me any questions of your own, I’ll be doing a Reddit AMA this Thursday, March 3rd in r/fantasy, so come on over and pick my creatively bifurcated brain.

Many, many thanks to the marvelous teams at Orbit and the Cooke Agency who believed in this project, and everyone else who helped me along the way–one of the things I’m looking forward to about the third novel is finally being able to include an acknowledgements page. I’ve had a helluva lot of fun tripping the weird fantastic through a world of my own design, and I hope you’ll join me in The Crimson Empire.


A Blade of Black Steel Unsheathed!


  1. Sean

    Has The Crimson Empire always been planned as a “trilogy” or is that new? This is the first I’ve heard of that.

  2. bo-yung

    this is fantastic news – great~~~~

  3. Lori Capellari

    So proud of all you have accomplished! Ordering today!! Much luck as you continue your writing career! Love from the Caps!

  4. Matthew

    Borderlands Bookstore newsletter redirected me here, I had like an hour long conversation with the owner once about who you might be. Turns out a few of your books have been on my to-read list for a while now, and very glad to learn that you are Alex Marshall. They just moved way up the (comically long) list.

    Also, your naming conventions for Crown of Cold Silver indicate that you have some damn good taste in music. I lost count about 100 pages in. \m/

    • Hi Matthew,

      And apologies for the lag in replying, have been on the road. Thanks so much for reading, and for taking the time to let me know you appreciated the book–it really means a lot to me to hear from people who connected with it, and I hope you find my other work in your wheelhouse…which I suspect you might, especially since our musical sensibilities line up!

      Oh, and very cool to hear about the Borderlands connection–I love that place but haven’t actually been back to it since just before my first novel came out, hard as it is to believe. That means I’m long overdue for a visit, and please give everyone my best the next time you’re in!

      Thanks again, and pleased to make your digital acquaintance \m/\m/

  5. S. Marsolais

    I love all of your books and am so excited to be getting more. Buying this tomorrow.

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