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What’s New: Spring 2018 Edition

What’s next? The inevitable question! Since wrapping up the Crimson Empire trilogy I’ve been hard at work on a number of very different projects. While I’m keeping details about my next novel(s) tightly under wraps for now, I’m happy to report that I’ve recently completed sundry shorter works that are either forthcoming or already available:

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Emerald City Comic Con Weekend

This weekend is shaping up to a busy one: I’m a guest at Emerald City Comic Con, and also taking part in a free public panel and signing at Brick & Mortar Books. If you’re able to attend any of the events please stop by and say hello so I can feel slightly less alone in this vast, cold universe, however fleetingly…and we can shoot the shit about books or whatever!

It’s also worth noting that whether I’m listed as Jesse Bullington or as Alex Marshall I’ll be keeping some pretty righteous company, too, check it out:

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Upcoming Events, Online and in the Flesh

As the release of A War in Crimson Embers fast approaches I am embarking on an extensive promotional tour across the country (read: two events in the Pacific Northwest and one in Tallahassee, FL). I’m also going to be doing a Reddit AMA, so even if we can’t exchange secret handshakes, knowing looks, and alchemical recipes in person I hope you can join me for that. Here’s my schedule:

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A War in Crimson Embers Giveaway Results

Thank you all for taking part in the contest! Lots of good stuff in there, some of it new to me, and for my amusement as well as yours I turned it into a Spotify soundtrack.

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A Blade of Black Steel Unsheathed!

This week marks the official release of A Blade of Black Steel, the sequel to A Crown for Cold Silver.  If you appreciated the first book, you’ll find this one is doing all kinds of new things—plus everything you loved from before turned up to 11. If you haven’t started the Crimson Empire trilogy yet, now’s the time!

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Announcing My Latest Project

For everyone who’s been wondering when my next novel is coming out, I’ve got good news: it already has! And to starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal, and high praise from the Washington Post and NPR, among others.

Last year, under the alias of Alex Marshall, I published A Crown for Cold Silver, the first volume in The Crimson Empire trilogy. It is the summation of a lifetime love affair with epic fantasy, and while it’s something of a departure from my earlier projects I suspect fans of the former will appreciate the latter and vice versa. It’s my first novel to come out in hardcover, too, as well as trade paperback, ebook, and a most excellent audio book. In addition to the English language editions from Orbit is is available or forthcoming in German, Dutch, and Russian.

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