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Summer Update 2020

I will tell you three things. If I tell them to you and they come true, then will you believe me?

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Spring Update 2020

What a time. I hope you’re weathering the situation(s) as best you can, wherever you are. Like most folks, I’ve been finding solace—or at least distraction—in stories, be they literary or cinematic or of the gaming variety. In the event that my scribblings happen to serve a similar role for you, here are my most recent publications:

“Bloody Roots” in Grimdark Magazine #21

Cover art by Carlos Diaz

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A Lecture, a Panel, & a Kickstarter

Having a busy time of it, but wanted to pop in to share these three matters of possible interest:

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Quick Winter Update, 2019

Happy belated new year, one and all! 2018 sped by in a blur, and 2019 seems off to a roaring start as well. I’ve recently relocated to North Carolina and am now juggling the various white-hot irons I had in the fire, so this will be a brief update, but expect something more substantial soon. In the meantime, here’s the skinny on my newest short fiction and an upcoming event:

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