Thank you all for taking part in the contest! Lots of good stuff in there, some of it new to me, and for my amusement as well as yours I turned it into a Spotify soundtrack.

All told I had twenty-one entries in the War in Crimson Embers giveaway, but as one excused herself from the official running that enabled me to use a battle-worn twenty-sided die to determine the winners:

First up is 16, which means Lisa wins for Chelsea Wolfe’s “Color of Blood.” Great choice! I just saw her on tour (she and her band fucking slayed), and there’s a character named after one of her songs in A Blade of Black Steel…so yeah, I’m a fan.

Next up is 2, so┬áNettles wins for Satariel’s “Claw the Clouds,” and I win because I have an excuse to listen to melodic Swedish death metal! Not that I need one…

And finally we land a Natural 20! That means Jonathan Davis’ selection of High on Fire’s “The Black Plot” wins him a hardcover. I run hot and cold on HoF, depending on the album, but dug Luminiferous overall, and Skinner’s music video really ties the quantum vortex together:

So that’s the contest done and dusted–winners, please message me your mailing addresses so I can get these blasphemous tomes out of my library post haste. Thank you all again for taking part, and even if you didn’t snag a copy the official release is only two weeks away. And keep checking back, you never know when I’ll run another contest, and later in the week I’ll be announcing some upcoming readings and other events. Cheers!