SVC Announcement and Contest Results

Two things!

Thing the first: this week saw the publication of Swords v Cthulhu! This is the second anthology I’ve edited for the good people at Stone Skin Press, the first being the Shirley Jackson Award nominated Letters to Lovecraft. This time around I teamed up with Molly Tanzer, editor of Congress Magazine and herself a ferocious writer, to co-edit a collection of twenty-two originals stories. The book is available in all the usual places, but if you get it directly from Stone Skin they’ll include the ebook with the paperback. If you dig action and old ones, you’re in for a treat!

Thing the second: I have consulted the stars and determined the three winners of my Blade of Black Steel Contest! They are: Chris Chenault (with “the soundtrack of decades“), Maly O (with this unexpected-yet-thematically perfect number), and Anthony Hudson (for making me laugh). If you three could drop me an email at my first and last name I’ll get your books sent out tout de suite.

I really appreciate the volume and quality of submissions; would that I had another dozen books to give away! Thanks to everyone for taking part, and all the be(a)st!


A Blade of Black Steel Giveaway!


A War in Crimson Embers Giveaway

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  1. Congratulations, Chris, Maly and Anthony!! Cool contest, Jesse. ?

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