Former warrior queen and now pariah, Cold Zosia wakes in the ashes of a burning city. Her vengeance has brought her to this – her heroic reputation in tatters, her allies scattered far and wide, and her world on the cusp of ruin.

General Ji-hyeon has vanished into the legendary First Dark, leaving her lover Sullen alone to carry out the grim commands of a dead goddess. The barbarian Maroto is held captive by a demonic army hell-bent on the extermination of the Crimson Empire, and only his protégé Purna believes he can be saved.

Zosia must rally her comrades and old enemies one last time, for what will prove the greatest battle of her many legends…if anyone lives to tell it.

“The final installment of the Crimson Empire series is the best of them all. Marshall’s weaving of the tale is engaging and exciting, giving readers just enough hope that the ragtag band will prevail. Marshall is a master of imagery, giving a rich setting to the story and painting a picture that transcends the page. ” -Romantic Times

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