The Grand Aggrandization of Self

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Jesse Bullington spent his childhood exploring the surrounding woodlands and reading everything he could lay his grubby mitts across. Before moving with his family and completing his adolescence in North Florida, he spent a formative year living in the Netherlands. His current location is a matter of some conjecture and philosophical speculation.

He received a bachelor's degree in both History and English Literature from Florida State University. Upon graduating he immediately set to work on The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart, the very debut novel that the reader has so recently completed--excepting those individuals who first inspect an author's website before deciding to invest in a given text. To these sagacious and prudent readers, the author gives a hearty welcome and the assurance that, being a capital liar, his fictions are far more compelling—and far less pretentious—than this biographical sketch might lead one to believe.

He is possessed of an excitable, ferret-like temperament, and is fond of good food, quality cinema, enjoyable books, pleasant music, scenic constitutionals, and an occasional spot of your favorite beverage. You and he should be fast friends if only you had met in youth, but now age has rendered you both incapable of the utterly ingenuous relationships that characterize the innocent. That said, he approves of your sensible politics and the fashion in which you comport yourself. He is a touch scruffy to be considered a gentleman, but it is alleged that he cleans up reasonably well.

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