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Spring Update 2020

What a time. I hope you’re weathering the situation(s) as best you can, wherever you are. Like most folks, I’ve been finding solace—or at least distraction—in stories, be they literary or cinematic or of the gaming variety. In the event that my scribblings happen to serve a similar role for you, here are my most recent publications:

“Bloody Roots” in Grimdark Magazine #21

Cover art by Carlos Diaz

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Ten Years of Beards

Today marks exactly a decade since Orbit published my debut novel, The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart. November 16, 2009 feels like a lifetime ago, but I remain immensely proud of this book. It’s not the novel I would or even could write now, but that’s how it should be—texts are like tattoos, time-stamping who we were at a certain moment in our lives.

Tempting though it is wax on about what a long weird trip it’s been, in the spirit of the Brothers themselves I’ll keep it quick and honest. I never expected this novel to sell. Even after it sold, I never expected it to connect with readers the way it did. And I certainly never expected to make a cameo along with my bearded boys in The Witcher 3.

But I’m grateful for it all. A mighty thank you to everyone who helped along the way, including those who ran screaming from the tome, telling anyone with ears or eyes to avoid it at all costs. We all play our part.

I leave you with this phenomenal piece of idolatry by the artist Bazuzu, evidence that the Grossbart Heresy is alive and well even after all these years. Outside, the wind is howling. I better go join it.

Renaissance fresco of Saint Hegel and Saint Manfried recently unearthed in the catacombs of a Russian church. Check out the stunning details.

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