I will tell you three things. If I tell them to you and they come true, then will you believe me?

  1. You can now listen to “Dive In Me” at PseudoPod. This grungy cut of summertime Southern Gothic is a collaboration with Selena Chambers that originally dropped in Beth Lewis’ anthology The New Gothic. Big ups to Beth for first publishing us, and to Alethea Kontis, Alex Hofelich, Jordan Shively, and Shawn Garrett for bringing it back to life at PseudoPod.
  2. Speaking of sweaty collaborations, Brent Winter and I co-wrote a new story called “Quantum Summer” for the upcoming anthology Tales from OmniPark. Editor Ben Thomas seems to be putting together another lovely book—if you want to help make it happen, pre-order a copy via Kickstarter.
  3. You can practice your Russian with this new translation of “The Saga of Hilde Ansgardóttir” at Darker. Many thanks to translator Vasilii Ruzakov and artist Olga Malchikova, and my original editors Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles. This eldritch adventure first appeared in their anthology Historical Lovecraft: Tales of Horror Through Time.
Art by Olga Malchikova

That’s all for now. As always, keep fighting the power. Here’s hoping fall blows in the change we’ve been working towards.

Black Lives Matter.